Los Angeles to the Bay Area: Traffic, Cars Riddled With Bullets, Fog

Reporting live after a 9 hour drive from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, including sitting on the freeway due to disabled cars (crashed, stalled, and towed) 10 different times, narrowly missing witnessing a high speed shootout, and driving through fog. Highlights of the trip: seeing dogs in other people’s backseats. Lowlight: Realizing I’d been walking around the grocery store with my pants unbuttoned, and worse still: no one told me. Here’s hoping the drive back is less exciting!


Colombian Curiosities III: Thong Bus Seatcovers

I found an entry from my time in Colombia last year, that got lost in the shuffle of research. I likely was waiting for two other items things to add to the list, as the previous posts included multiple curiosities. It felt greedy to not share this with you, since I had enjoyed it so much. Here it is, a year belatedly:


I was walking home from work when I passed a bus with underoo seat covers.

Please place your underwear on the headrest and put your tray in the upright position.

I walked past it twice, then asked the driver to explain it to me. He talked in great detail, politely, about the benefits of leaving the edge of the headrest without a cover, asked me what I thought, allowed me to take photos of his luxury bus.