Turkey Time & Helping Others Get Blogging

Every Thanksgiving, I get the same song stuck in my head:

Maybe it’ll be stuck in your head too now. Thanks a lot to my sister, who likes to sing this song as loudly as possible.

After helping make sweet potato pie, and eating a lot, and talking, I spent the rest of my Thanksgiving evening helping a fabulous 62-year-old I met tonight create a blog. She has a lot of opinions and learned how to use Skype recently, so I wrote out a step-by-step guide and we practiced posting a couple times.

Spreading the writing love, y’all! What’d you do this Turkey Time? Do your grandparents blog or tweet or facebook?


Happy One Month Birfday, Blog!

I published my first post a month ago.

Her face is a good approximation of my feelings.

It felt like a big deal. Back then, I thought I’d be including a video with every post. I thought I’d be writing in-depth, critical analysis, biting commentary, Important Things. Instead I’ve written about toilet paper and threadbare leggings.

I have 8 loyal subscribers. My readers are my family, my Global Health track cohort, friends back home. I have readers in Russia, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Senegal, and Uganda. In the US, I have readers who study medicine, birth babies, and drive cross-country.

It’s a little creepy having all this information, knowing so much about my blog’s visitors. But it’s nice to be acknowledged, right? I appreciate y’all sticking around and reading.

So, ever-patient reader, What  would you change? What do you want to read about in the next month?