Help Me Pick New Glasses: Crowd-Sourced Decision-Making

I’m getting new glasses. Warby Parker ones. I got a new prescription (lots of pupil dilation to get that fancy new paper!) and I want a new look. Plus all the cool kids are wearing them. They were even on NPR. (But I knew about them way before that, just so you know. For street cred purposes and all.)

At The Standard, this kinda posh kinda skeezy hotel in downtown LA, there’s a Warby Parker Readery which really has nothing to do with reading and everything to do with trying on the glasses. So here are the three I’m deciding between:


Option 1: Ainsworth (Chestnut color)


Option 2: Marshall (Sassafras color)


Option 3: Ainsworth (Tortoise color)

So what’s your take? Complaints about the lighting & my lack of smiling have already been lodged. Compliments on my Clark University inspired earrings are welcome. But ultimately, what about the glasses? Which ones?!


Turkey Time & Helping Others Get Blogging

Every Thanksgiving, I get the same song stuck in my head:

Maybe it’ll be stuck in your head too now. Thanks a lot to my sister, who likes to sing this song as loudly as possible.

After helping make sweet potato pie, and eating a lot, and talking, I spent the rest of my Thanksgiving evening helping a fabulous 62-year-old I met tonight create a blog. She has a lot of opinions and learned how to use Skype recently, so I wrote out a step-by-step guide and we practiced posting a couple times.

Spreading the writing love, y’all! What’d you do this Turkey Time? Do your grandparents blog or tweet or facebook?

Free Things That Make Me Feel Wealthy: 4 Stupid Inventions I Didn’t Buy

When I’m feeling cash-poor and time-wealthy, I take a look at some stupid things other people have purchased, that didn’t tempt me because I was too wise or too young to be susceptible to their um, inventive marketing. Here are four examples:

1. The Hula Chair

Looks fun, but too distracting to use at work. Maybe someone could re-purpose it as an entertainment device that you could rent by the minute. Feeling down? Sit on this hula chair for 5 minutes! That’ll be $7.99 please.

2. Serial Killer Electric Face Mask

I saw Jason at a neighbor’s house when I was a kid. Nooooo thanks.

3. Toilet Paper Wiper Holder

I’d rather just wash my hands after using the bathroom, thanks. Imagine if everyone used this product; we might have even lower rates of hand washing. The horror, the horror!

4. Underwear for Your Hands

Maybe it would be useful for written exams, but I think the look would clash with just about everything.

A NaNoWriMo Compromise: Daily Posts for a Month

I eyeball NaNoWriMo every year, with simultaneous suspicion and eagerness. Someday, I’ll have enough je ne sais quoi floating around to write a novel. (This is what I think when I’m being optimistic.) But not yet. Surely I haven’t lived enough to have something that long to say! Novels seem…verbose, heavy. Just think of the endless edits!

Nonetheless, I think small steps are the necessary ingredients of big actions. Rather than only cheering on those in my midst who are brave, ambitious or foolish enough to attempt National Novel Writing Month, I will participate in my own way: by committing to posting every day this month. NaBloPoMo.

Bananas Writers of the world, unite!

I thought I was a genius, coming up with this NaBloPoMo thing, but of course I’m not the first with this brilliant idea. Who knows? Maybe by the end I’ll be ready for the summer camp version.

Innernetz Snapshot: Google Wallet, Delicious Revival, Russian Riddles, Abstinence Infections, Redhead Baby Seal

5 things you should probably know about, brought to you by the internet this week.

1. You’ll soon be able to leave your wallet at home and pay with your phone.

It’s one techy step up from using your phone to scan your boarding pass bar code at airports. Feels like the future!

2. My favorite bookmarking site, delicious, is making a comeback thanks to the Youtube nerds. Get ready to take your favorite sites with you anywhere there’s an internet connection. It’s like hoarding old papers and organizing closets, but for websites.

3. Coming to the US 20 years ago, I didn’t know any English and was put into regular classes. This was considered pretty normal. When a NYT journalist does the same thing with his family (albeit in a small, private, progressive school rather than a large, public school), it’s news. I enjoyed the article. It’s the closest description I’ve seen to what my experience was like when I learned English. And the riddle examples given in the article are prime examples of Russian charm and chicanery.

4. Routine STI screening is essential for everyone, even those who report being abstinent.Ā  A recent Pediatrics article reports that 10% of study participants who tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection reporting not having had sex. Hmmm…

5. Russian scientists rescue a dejected baby seal from a life of bullying.

I love your red fur and blue eyes, baby seal LiLo!

I hope he can move to San Francisco when he grows up.

That’s all folks! Back to regularly scheduled Colombia programming later this week.