Help Me Pick New Glasses: Crowd-Sourced Decision-Making

I’m getting new glasses. Warby Parker ones. I got a new prescription (lots of pupil dilation to get that fancy new paper!) and I want a new look. Plus all the cool kids are wearing them. They were even on NPR. (But I knew about them way before that, just so you know. For street cred purposes and all.)

At The Standard, this kinda posh kinda skeezy hotel in downtown LA, there’s a Warby Parker Readery which really has nothing to do with reading and everything to do with trying on the glasses. So here are the three I’m deciding between:


Option 1: Ainsworth (Chestnut color)


Option 2: Marshall (Sassafras color)


Option 3: Ainsworth (Tortoise color)

So what’s your take? Complaints about the lighting & my lack of smiling have already been lodged. Compliments on my Clark University inspired earrings are welcome. But ultimately, what about the glasses? Which ones?!


6 thoughts on “Help Me Pick New Glasses: Crowd-Sourced Decision-Making

  1. I like the third pair 🙂

  2. I’m really afraid that these are going to distract from your beautiful dimple-ness! 1 or 3, but more smiling, and some Ksenia color couldn’t be bad either. Melt the earrings into glasses?

  3. The first or the third. If you get the third and they show up with fewer stripes than you expected, they’ll replace them. That’s what just happened with my Sims Stripes. Also, you can have the lenses replaced within a year for $50 (I missed that on my first pair, but when I got my second I sent the first away, and voila, I now have two pairs of crisp clear lenses).

  4. jajaja… cualquier cambio tuyo vale, menos los cambios en los que dejas tu fenomenal sonrisa… !!!

  5. I like the first best. Good luck! I know it can be a difficult decision to make.

  6. I also like 1 and 3.

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