Los Angeles Curiosities: Unmarked Helicopters Hovering

In the same style as Colombian Curiosities, I have found some LA curiosities in the past few months. The most annoying one is the ubiquitous unmarked helicopters.

In the morning, and at night, we have unmarked helicopters circling our neighborhood. Have you ever heard a helicopter? It has a loud, monotonous white noise sound. It’s somewhere between menacing and soporific. It’s unnerving to hear one most days, seemingly right above your head, circling over your house.

At first I thought it was just happening in our neighborhood, that we lived near a prison and there were frequent escapes. Or that busy dignitaries were flying in for last-minute dinners, or traumatized children were being airlifted for a surgery. Then I was at the beach and saw one.

Real close, just going back and forth over the beach. Disturbing the tourists and beach-sleepers.

Of course I think of the Soul Coughing song every time I hear a helicopter. I used to have the whole soundtrack on tape.

What’s the deal LA? There aren’t any famous people, escaped convicts or trauma centers where I live. Don’t you have something better to do than circle over my neighborhood with your loud, un-funny roflcopters?



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