First Day of Full-time Work Post-MPH: First Impressions & Gratitudes

Today was my first day of work at my new job. Yay working! I won’t tell you exactly what the work is, or where, but I will provide some first impressions & specific things I am grateful for:

– the fancypants coffee/tea/hot cocoa maker, which saved me when I left my tea on the counter at home.

– that my coworkers seem nice & no one told me I was smelly despite my forgetting to put deodorant on this morning.

– that my coworker said that some Fridays, there is a dog that visits the office. (!!!)

– that when I stayed past 5 pm, I was told to go home.

– that when I got locked out without my office keys, phone or ID, a kind stranger let me in when I banged on the front door and made a sad face with praying hands.

– that I was the most over-dressed person at the office, which means I can retire the heels & suits already!

– that no one beeped when I stalled on the way to and from work, twice. Twice each time.


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