Savoring Your Heart’s Desire: Pining For A Someday Future Dog

I’m a believer in stretching out enjoyment as much as possible. Why just enjoy that new shiny thing when you can enjoy looking forward to getting it AND the memories of having it as well? I want all of the enjoyment I can get. Especially if it don’t cost a thing.

I’ve wanted a dog for the last few years.

Most recently, this summer, I was visiting my family, and they have a year-old golden retriever. I got to hang out with her allllll the time.

She’s mischievous and sweet and spends most of the day sleeping. She never brings the ball back when you throw it. I couldn’t get enough of her. Then, I moved across the country, and now’s she’s far away.

But it was good practice to be around a puppy, and I wanted more experience. So when I moved to LA, I volunteered with the local animal shelter. I got to take dogs on walks, pet cats, and talk to people who were looking to get a furry new best friend. Now that I can’t volunteer as often, I look at all their photos of the adoptable animals.

I’m specifically looking for a vizsla mix, so of course I’m watching all the videos I can get about the breed. Here’s one:

And here’s another:

Maybe early next year will be the right time to get a dog. It’s the financially prudent move to wait, since on average, having a dog costs about $700 a year. And that’s once you already have the dog. Saving up, saving up, saving up!


2 thoughts on “Savoring Your Heart’s Desire: Pining For A Someday Future Dog

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