Free Things That Make Me Feel Wealthy: 4 Stupid Inventions I Didn’t Buy

When I’m feeling cash-poor and time-wealthy, I take a look at some stupid things other people have purchased, that didn’t tempt me because I was too wise or too young to be susceptible to their um, inventive marketing. Here are four examples:

1. The Hula Chair

Looks fun, but too distracting to use at work. Maybe someone could re-purpose it as an entertainment device that you could rent by the minute. Feeling down? Sit on this hula chair for 5 minutes! That’ll be $7.99 please.

2. Serial Killer Electric Face Mask

I saw Jason at a neighbor’s house when I was a kid. Nooooo thanks.

3. Toilet Paper Wiper Holder

I’d rather just wash my hands after using the bathroom, thanks. Imagine if everyone used this product; we might have even lower rates of hand washing. The horror, the horror!

4. Underwear for Your Hands

Maybe it would be useful for written exams, but I think the look would clash with just about everything.


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