Post-Election Recap: Bronco Bamma, Elizabeth Warren, Marriage Equality, and Other Reasons to Celebrate

The election is over. Phew! No more Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney invading our phone lines, interrupting our television shows and making your Facebook feed blow up with political comments!

Well, depending on who you’re friends with, that last part might happen year round. Either way, the candidates are done polluting our planet by traveling by back & forth across the country:

We can un-glue our eyeballs from the mapselection dashboards, and scenario predictions. We can think of all of the things that campaign money could have been spent on.

Some of my friends waited hours to vote. Old ladies and pregnant women voted! I am grateful for their persistence, for their willingness to participate in the process. Not everyone is happy though. But it’s OK. We believe in the democratic process here! The people have voted & their votes (well, and the electoral college) make the decisions. It’s one of the only times that celebrities and common folks have the same power. I love it so much. I bet the rest of the world is pretty happy about it too. Now the time has come to watch videos of our charming president groove!

Thank you, Rhea Kappa for sharing this awesomeness!

In terms of ballot questions, medical marijuana passed in Massachusetts but doctor-assisted suicide did not. In some counties, it was only a 21 person difference! As a friend of mine said, we can’t die with dignity, but we can get high until the end. Har har. Marijuana was legalized for recreational use in Colorado and Washington, which should result in some interesting conversations about the balance of state and federal laws. I’m looking forward to seeing how that all turns out.

Voters in Maine, Maryland, and Washington approved same-sex marriage, joining Iowa, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts on the right side of history. Minnesotans defeated an amendment that would have banned same-sex marriage. If people want to take on the very personal and public gamble of marriage, I say, go for it. I am concerned about the implications for same-sex couples who don’t want to get married, but may have to marry in order to receive the legal protections heterosexual domestic partners receive. We’ll see what this new freedom means for those who don’t want to partake in this whole marrying business.

An early victory that got the night started on the right foot was Elizabeth Warren‘s defeat of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. It was a dirty race. I am so proud of my state. I am also very happy about Claire McCaskill winning in Missouri, as I was so disgusted by her opponent that I donated money to her campaign despite not having very much money myself.

It feels a little like Christmas morning right now, in my heart. Of course, there is always more work to be done, and some nail-biter cases in the courts right now. But for today, I’m celebrating the era of big data, another four years with our president, and the start of some big political changes.



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