Back in Bogotá: Recap of the Past 5 Months

Hello, Bogotá. And everyone. Everyone being you. (Thanks for reading, reader!)

I’m back to present the results of my research, as any good CBPR-er should. To recap: my time in Colombia flew by. After data collection, I edited reports

People edit papers at the mall all the time, amirite?

and collected more data in Peru, where the food was delicious

Cue drooling.

and one hotel was the most luxurious place I have ever stayed in my short and poor life

Consuming a welcome beverage while on a work trip?! Does not compute.

and the other hotel was reminiscent of Kubrick. I finished Six Feet Under (which reinvigorated my interest in getting all my end-of-life wishes in writing), went to a wine tasting event with Columbia University alum in Bogotá,

Lesson learned: red you smell…white you drink.

got PADI Open Water certified, figured out how to carve a Thanksgiving turkey,

Cranberry sauce remix = simmering blueberry jam with cranberry juice

spent an afternoon convinced I had tested positive for HIV, decorated two Christmas trees in one day,

Enough holidaze for a couple months

and now I’m back randomly petting the cats. I missed the papas criollas:

but mostly, I missed the people. Oh, I think they like me. The months holed up in the library making friends with a data organization program and living on air and vending machine snacks paid off. I turned in my thesis, passed the CPH and am now in Bogotá for a long weekend, to share the results with my participants, who became my friends.  Gradumacation, with all its pompous circumstances, is on the horizon. Time to follow my dreams and aggressively shimmy my way back into the gritty city.

You tell ’em, mhmm!


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