Preparing for Thanksgiving in Colombia: Recipes Request

Last week I had the brilliant idea to joke about celebrating Thanksgiving here, at my coworker’s apartment. I was imagining something simple, just us and the cats watching a historically accurate rendition of American history:

Your people will have stickshifts.

Instead, the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving after work next Thursday has caught on and now there are five of us. Have I mentioned I don’t cook? My family has spent some Thanksgivings in restaurants. Most of my Thanksgiving knowledge is from the Pepper Ann episode where all the shelves are empty and people are fighting over the last yam. I don’t even really know what a yam is. The Thanksgivings I remember spending at home involve my sister playing Turkey Time until everyone has it stuck in their head for weeks. (Fair warning about clicking that link.)

I’m worried we’ll end up eating Charlie Brown style:

This blockhead cooked all this.

I suppose this is the day to make lists of ingredients and start buying…yams? Any and all recipes are requested, as is advice on cooking times. How do I know when I’ve found the right turkey? Do I have to make stuffing? Is apple cake as culturally appropriate as apple pie? Help!


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Thanksgiving in Colombia: Recipes Request

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