Welcome Columbia University Public Health Blog Readers!

If you’re here from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health blog, I’m grateful for your interest. Here are a couple posts to get you caught up:

Maybe you’re wondering about me, where I’m fromwhat I’m doing, where, and why. Or maybe you just want to know about Colombia, the hospitable people, where to go, what to do. Perhaps you’re curious about non-work things, like dance class, food and food poisoning or if you should live close to your practica. Take a look around!

The truth is, I’ve been lackadaisical lately. My last post was in October…and it’s past the middle of November already. I’m not as negligent as a certain medical student I know, nor am I as regular as an esteemed graduate student adviser. I’m somewhere in between. I’ve been collecting data, analyzing data, preparing instruments for submission to the institutional review board (IRB). The usual excuses.

Nonetheless, I’d like to write with more regularity and this little, unexpected spotlight makes me want to write more. What would you like to read about? I have a post in the works about Zipaquira, the local transportation system, and about the logistics of research. I’m happy to field questions or focus on a particular aspect of public health, living abroad, or evaluation research. Questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments!


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