Thank you, Julia!: A Package Arrives to Loud Cheering

I haven’t been the most diligent blogger lately. First it was a physical malady, then analyzing data from Peru took over my life, and  now I’ve been staying up until 6 am working on reports and the endless lit review. But I digress. I do have a moment for a quick update to share my joy at receiving a package.

It arrived last week, in a little box with lots of tape. It had crumpled up glossy magazine pages protecting the gifts inside.

One magazine went where no other magazine had gone before…

It had delicious, useful, and silly items inside. Sunblock, my favorite tea, Dr. Bronner’s, granola floss, lint picker-uppers, and more!

If you’re thinking of sending a package…Just send it!

There was much curiosity and excitement about the new items, and the box they came in. I shared the almond butter and peanut butter with coworkers and drank the vitamin C during dance class. The most curious were the cats I am taking care of this month.

Sniffing analysis ascertained that the box came from far away. 

So, thank you, Julia! Beloved, thoughtful, warm-hearted friend. I am so grateful & the cats are too.

PS If you’d like to send me a package in the next month, here’s where to send it: Calle 33A 17-60 Teusaquillo, Bogotá, Colombia.


3 thoughts on “Thank you, Julia!: A Package Arrives to Loud Cheering

  1. Just caught up on the blog. Love love love it and love love love you. Hope you’re also getting some down time and exploration time. xoxox

  2. yayyy! i finally checked in and saw this. so glad that little box made it all the way down to you and the curious cats, too. love, julz

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