Detour to Ralph City: Adventures in Food Poisoning

Last night was spent in Ralph City, befriending the toilet. Not one of my favorite places to visit, but food poisoning doesn’t care where you want to go. It started with chills, which kept multiplying. Soon, I was losing control.

The experience was a lot less exciting than this video portrays.

I’ll spare you (most of) the salacious details. Suffice it to say that chocolate ice cream does not taste better the second time around. Especially when it is coming out of your nose.

I think mozzarella cheese is to blame. My coworker gave me a turtle-shaped piece, and I kept it in my bag for a day before refrigerating it. You’d think I’d know better! After dance class, I was excited to come home and make a barebones caprice salad – tomato, mozzarella and balsamic vinegar only. I also ate some potatoes that have been hanging out, covered, on the stove top for a day or two. Who knows what caused it?

The important part is, everything came back quickly, in liquid form, at all hours of the night. I spent the morning drifting in and out of sleep, with a purring cat next to me. This afternoon’s plans includes savoring crackers and black tea, between sips of water. Maybe if my coworker comes over for lunch, I’ll ask her to bring a weirdly colored sports drink. And then we can watch this hilarious overly enunciated video:

Why yes, I have eaten a type of food product!

Food poisoning suggestions, stories and commiseration welcome in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Detour to Ralph City: Adventures in Food Poisoning

  1. Owe owe owe! You poor thing! But it gets better after the liquids pour out.

    Let’s see, stories. Most recently, NYC: about a month ago, I went out and had a lamb chop at one of the Senegalese restaurants in my neighborhood. My friends and I stayed out for about 4 hours at the restaurant, eating, laughing, sharing stories. All was fine. But a couple of hours after I was in bed, I woke up with an intense feeling that I wanted to puke. I was feeling warm all over the body too. I got up and went to the bathroom, hovered over the toilet, but not much came out besides extra saliva. But for some reason it felt better. I got up to wash my hands and rinse my mouth. All of a sudden I heard banging against the closed bath room door. I looked over with sleepy eyes, and I saw a MOUSE. D-i-g-u-s-t-i-n-g! Didn’t throw up even after that, but was trapped inside for a little bit until the mouse decided to stop banging against the door and to run away in the other direction. I evacuated and closed the bathroom door promptly behind me. The mouse was gone the next day when the super was back to check the bathroom for me. Since then, my room mate and I have caught 3 mice in traps, forced one out the apartment, and are now trying to catch more. Good news is we’re moving out. Oh, so I guess not a 100% food poisoning story, but hey, housing woes are on my mind.

    I also had some sort of food poisoning in Louga, Senegal this summer. It was most likely this milk/yogurt-grain dish that I didn’t particularly enjoy when I first ate. The dairy might have gone bad because of improper refrigeration. Or something. Sufficient to say that I had some of the chills that you mentioned, and then a fever, and diarrhea. Followed the tea (green) and dry foods diet you mentioned. I had toast and plain biscuits and apples and plain rice for about 3 days. It went away. Hope yours did too – you posted this 5 days ago!

    PS: unrelated: I’ve seen Dr. Santelli twice in the last week. He was a guest speaker on ethics, IRB reviews and the role of scientists in my SMS Survey Research Methods class last Wednesday. I also saw him in a “How to run classroom discussions” teaching seminar today. I’m a seminar leader for Intro to SMS (which has gotten better compared to last year), and I guess he was there for some tips on teaching too!! I mentioned you had a blog. He wasn’t aware of it. You should email him and send him your blog link! 😀

    • You are so good to me, Anca! Look at all your stories. I love it!

      I am much more comfortable with having mice than cockroaches. For some reason the fact that we’re both mammals gives me comfort, while the cockroaches are these super bugs that can survive nuclear apocalypse and thus aren’t even scared of me. I’m glad you’re moving!

      Yikes – 5 days ago? I need to post more, especially about TransMilenio. I’ve been collecting photos to share with you!

      Thanks for thinking of me when you saw Dr. Santelli! I’ll send him an email this week.

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