After Work: Dance Class in Bogota

My work has dance classes twice a week. After hours, we get together , six or so women with an instructor and dance for an hour and a half. Salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha. We warm up doing aerobics moves that remind me of my mom’s classes at the Y, where I tend to fall off the plastic step thinger right in the middle of choreographed dance moves. Vine step to the right, now lift and back. The windows fog from all the sweating and moving in a little space.

Guess who drew the faces.

It makes me think of 80s clothes and Madonna headsets. We have complicated feet AND arm movements and lots of me jumping, taking wide steps, looking like a giraffe. I am (unintentionally?) the class clown. I am excited to learn, momentarily discouraged, eager to show the instructor that I am slightly less left-footed as the rest of Gringolandia. So far I am not having much luck, though I persist in the effort.

This week only three of us could be there, so I suggested we learn something complicated to make the other classmates regret not prioritizing our dance class. Our ever-obliging instructor taught us some fancy cha-cha-cha moves. Here is how we looked after an hour:


15 thoughts on “After Work: Dance Class in Bogota

  1. we do step class here, too! no dancing, though… are you just learning dance steps, or gonna learn like a routine?

    • This is going to be the routine for now. Usuall we switch it up – salsa, bachata, cha-cha-cha, some techno cool down music. Where are the photos of Burkina step class?!

  2. i saw the sniff of your armpit at the end!

  3. baaaahaha, you are the most self-conscious dancer of all time. Just let it out yo! 😀

    • Thank you, Kanye. I’m just trying to get it perfect for the dance competition. Lessons are way different than um, cutting the rug at a wedding.

      ::nodding vigerously::

  4. Haha. I’m dizzy from watching that. Those sure were some fancy moves. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Se ven absolutamente divinas. Espero que de verdad monten un baile , por que son un deleite.
    Las felicito

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