Bogota Culture: Museo National

Last week I went to the Museo National with my coworker and her daughter. It’s within walking distance from work, and we spent the afternoon looking at paintings, talking about colonization and searching for dessert. Here’s a sample of the art from the FEMSA exposition, with art from 11 Latin American countries:

Remedios Varo‘s Papilla estelar

Forgive the blurriness – though I think it makes the painting look even more magical, dream-like. This was one of my favorites in the collection, a woman feeding the moon spoonfuls of stars.

Armando Reverón Traviesco‘s Puerto Cerca de La Guaira

The frame is a work of art, filled with tiny sprigs and twigs and bits of fuzz. It looks like a bird’s nest with a painting in the middle, protected.

Rufino Tamayo‘s Nueva York desde la terrraza

My coworker’s daughter told us that Tamayo always has watermelons in his paintings. I am nostalgic for New York, for the pulse of the city, the subways, the magic of rooftops at night.

Claudio Bravo‘s Negro Interior

I love the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of this painting, how the cotton handkerchief is so life-like, and the window is waiting to be filled. I love how the painting looks done and unfinished.

Brought from the old world, found in the new world

Exploring the rest of the museum, we talked about the violence of history, the mixture of European, African and indigenous peoples in Colombia. I vaguely remembered my Latin American Social History class in the Dominican Republic, the professor asking us to answer Hacia donde va American Latina? for our final essay.

Crepes & Waffles for dinner

After dinner, they accompanied me to take money out of the bank and to buy the essentials at the grocery store: cheese, tomato sauce, Nutella. That’s how things are done here: in groups, together.


5 thoughts on “Bogota Culture: Museo National

  1. I love the bird nest frame!

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