Innernetz Snapshot: Google Wallet, Delicious Revival, Russian Riddles, Abstinence Infections, Redhead Baby Seal

5 things you should probably know about, brought to you by the internet this week.

1. You’ll soon be able to leave your wallet at home and pay with your phone.

It’s one techy step up from using your phone to scan your boarding pass bar code at airports. Feels like the future!

2. My favorite bookmarking site, delicious, is making a comeback thanks to the Youtube nerds. Get ready to take your favorite sites with you anywhere there’s an internet connection. It’s like hoarding old papers and organizing closets, but for websites.

3. Coming to the US 20 years ago, I didn’t know any English and was put into regular classes. This was considered pretty normal. When a NYT journalist does the same thing with his family (albeit in a small, private, progressive school rather than a large, public school), it’s news. I enjoyed the article. It’s the closest description I’ve seen to what my experience was like when I learned English. And the riddle examples given in the article are prime examples of Russian charm and chicanery.

4. Routine STI screening is essential for everyone, even those who report being abstinent.  A recent Pediatrics article reports that 10% of study participants who tested positive for a sexually transmitted infection reporting not having had sex. Hmmm…

5. Russian scientists rescue a dejected baby seal from a life of bullying.

I love your red fur and blue eyes, baby seal LiLo!

I hope he can move to San Francisco when he grows up.

That’s all folks! Back to regularly scheduled Colombia programming later this week.


6 thoughts on “Innernetz Snapshot: Google Wallet, Delicious Revival, Russian Riddles, Abstinence Infections, Redhead Baby Seal

  1. I’ll adopt him! He can live here with me!

  2. Ksenia, thanks for posting the story about the NYT journalist and his family settling in to Moscow. I really, really enjoyed reading about it and watching the video. I never had the problem to that extent moving to the States because I already understood and spoke English well. But I know other immigrant children have to learn from scratch, just like you and those kids in Moscow. It was fascinating to hear the journalist’s kids reflect and express their experience so maturely. Will share with my parents 🙂
    Hope all is well!

  3. Why did you go to Columbia? What was wrong with Columbia? Be safe there and eat something: you are skin and cheekbones!

    Grandma BK

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