Colombian Curiosities, Part II: Hot Cocoa with Cheese, Photo-shopped Ties, Juice in a Bag

Following the feedback on my previous post on interesting, unusual, unexpected Colombianisms, I’m sending out a round two.

You may have heard of this unexpectedly delicious mix: hot chocolate and cheese. It’s technically called Chocolate Santafereño, and you put the cheese inside the hot chocolate. It adds a slightly salty flavor. And then you eat all the pieces of cheese once you’re done with the hot chocolate. (I did it wrong and tried to leave some cheese behind. My coworker stood over me while I ate them all.)

Snacks at work.

I had to get passport photos for my visa renewal. The guy next to me was wearing a polo shirt when he went into the booth to get his photos taken. Yet, when they’re printed, the photos have him wearing a suite and tie. Magic.

Pick the shirt and tie you would have worn!

Here are the women’s options, on the computer screen:

Just insert your head!

Juice comes in a bag, which you put in a plastic holder that goes in the fridge. The empty juice bag takes up less room in the trash, and the plastic holder can be reused an infinite amount of times. Genius!

It’s my juice in a bag.

Lastly, I was going to write about hand soap that turned out to be clothing spray (like bathroom spray, for your clothes). Then I realized that we already have that in the US – Febreeze. I had wanted to buy liquid soap for the Nunnery bathroom, and instead brought home clothing spray. Colombia supermarket: 1. KDV: 0.


8 thoughts on “Colombian Curiosities, Part II: Hot Cocoa with Cheese, Photo-shopped Ties, Juice in a Bag

  1. Loved it!! Brough back LOTS of good food memories from when I lived there during my childhood. Thanks!!

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  4. yes it is delicious, try it with slithers of Halloumi


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