Happy One Month Birfday, Blog!

I published my first post a month ago.

Her face is a good approximation of my feelings.

It felt like a big deal. Back then, I thought I’d be including a video with every post. I thought I’d be writing in-depth, critical analysis, biting commentary, Important Things. Instead I’ve written about toilet paper and threadbare leggings.

I have 8 loyal subscribers. My readers are my family, my Global Health track cohort, friends back home. I have readers in Russia, Burkina Faso, Rwanda, Nicaragua, Senegal, and Uganda. In the US, I have readers who study medicine, birth babies, and drive cross-country.

It’s a little creepy having all this information, knowing so much about my blog’s visitors. But it’s nice to be acknowledged, right? I appreciate y’all sticking around and reading.

So, ever-patient reader, What  would you change? What do you want to read about in the next month?


11 thoughts on “Happy One Month Birfday, Blog!

  1. (Nice use of Yo above…I approve :D)
    Got the link from your facebook and read it all….I wanna hear more about what you do when you’re not doing work stuff…have you found any cool places to chill? People who also enjoy endless hours of Lawrder? A spot to weirdly stand around and realize once again your level of social awkwardness?? These are the things I’m interested in.

    Hope you are well friend.
    Erin 🙂

    • Erin!!!!
      Your approval of my use of “Yo” fills me with so much pride. I’ll write about non-work things soon, though I’m usually with work people doing these non-work things. I have yet to find fellow Lawrder brethren. 😦 But I’m selecting a new series to watch – maybe Weeds or Breaking Bad or um, something else HBO made a while ago that everyone’s already seen. Luckily, my social awkwardness goes unnoticed due to being perceived as cultural difference. THANK GOD.
      I’d like updates on your Oregon experience, whether in blog form or email. I mean, are you a hipster yet? Are you asking if your chicken lived a good life?

  2. So glad you started a blog! I am empathizing, because we just moved to Germany a few days ago and I’m working on starting a blog. I, also, thought I would be writing deep thoughts, but it seems that the most important things are actually the etiquette of checking out in the grocery store and differences in german appliances. I look forward to reading this!

    • Julia! I’d love to read about German appliances and social etiquette. Appliances are fascinating – I’m especially interested in washers. The one here is a top loading one with way more buttons than US ones. And the top folds into two pieces – it’s not just a square metal part on a hinge like the ones in the US! My grandmother had a washing machine in Russia that was the size of a nightstand or small TV. Square, but tiny. Take photos of your intriguing appliances! I want to know all about them!

  3. kseniadv,

    my love to you and your attempt at a shout out to my blog, but it does not have my name in the url. the address is somewhereonthemap.wordpress.com.

    and yes, more about work. more pictures of what you see when you walk. more about the city for lovers of cities.


  4. Blogs grow up so quickly! Hope you’re doing well Ksenia!

  5. Ksenia- blog is vivid and highly entertaining!! Wish you the best of luck during your time in Colombia. 🙂

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