No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: Photos of Food

My free lunch at work ran out. I’m not sure exactly why, but now I need to pay for lunch. It was a nice bonus while it lasted!

I went to the grocery store, so I have some things in the fridge at The Nunnery. My first night there, the landlady gave me dinner.

Soup, paella, panela and crackers

Sometimes I cook.

Salad, pasta, and peas & corn

Sometimes I order from the local pizza place.

Brie chicken and apple & cherry, pineapple and peach

For breakfast it’s usually the same thing.

Black tea & slightly burnt tomato, avocado cheese panini

And sometimes my coworkers bring me dessert.

Tea and cake

And it all tastes pretty good. Even with my (nonexistent) cooking skills.


7 thoughts on “No Such Thing As A Free Lunch: Photos of Food

  1. looks yummy! i’m curious, how did the fruit pizza taste?

    • Very sweet. But considering I love dessert, that was OK with me. I might order it with chicken next time, to add some savory flavor.

      I want photos of Bobo food!

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