A Taste of Home: Ice Cream!

I was feeling a little angst-y due to being at a desk all day, so I did what any angst-y young person does: I went to the mall. Centro Comercial San Martin has a gym inside (Spinning Center – membership is $90/month), a grocery store (Exito! the successful supermarket), and a bunch of overpriced, empty shoe stores. And a Crepes and Waffles!

I was responsible & went grocery shopping (successfully!) instead of eating dessert for dinner. But after dinner, I indulged in this delicious chocolate ice cream with maraschino cherries inside:

My grandmother’s favorite way to eat ice cream: with chips.

Add some blackberry jam, and salty potato chips, and there’s no need to leave the house for dessert. Ice cream with potato chips. I know, it’s an acquired taste. It’s the sibling of chocolate covered pretzels.

What strange snack reminds you of home?


7 thoughts on “A Taste of Home: Ice Cream!

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