You May Ask Yourself: What Is She Doing in Bogota Anyway?

You may find yourself in another part of the world…doing research.

I am doing things besides buying bubble gum TP, looking at vaginas and going to parades. I swear. I did say that I’m sitting around the office all weekend doing something.

The truth is, I’ve been avoiding writing about work because I don’t know how to write about work. What do I say?

I am doing Research, the kind that involves being around people and asking them questions to try to make something easier, better. Right now a lot of the work involves sitting at a desk all day, everyday. Sending emails, editing draft after draft of protocols and scopes of work and schedules. Working slowly, with much complaining, on a seemingly endless literature review.

This is the uninteresting part, the part that makes people dislike research. I understand. I don’t like opening documents filled with more comments than text, editing the same paper 23 times, fiddling with citations. I get it. But, maybe, it’s worth it? All the persnickety, nit-picky, flip-flopping that goes into making a decision about which questions to ask, how to ask them, when, to whom, by whom.

I’m in the midst of the paper part. What’s there to say?


10 thoughts on “You May Ask Yourself: What Is She Doing in Bogota Anyway?

  1. Maybe I’m a nerd, but I like the part of research that involves the persnickety, nit-picky, flip-flopping over which questions to ask and how to ask them. But of course, I also like the part that involves asking people questions and trying to make things work better!

    • Of course you do, you researcher-doctor extraordinaire! When are you going to be persnickety nit-picking flip-flopping & what are you going to be asking questions about?

      • hmm, good question! I will get to the part of my program that involves getting an MPH in about 3 years. So there will definitely by some persnickety question asking then. Hopefully before then too! So far, the research I’ve been involved in was about language disparities in health. We’ll see where else my interests take me…

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