Bogota Parade: Desfile Metropolitano de Comparsas

Sunday, my first full day, included seeing two apartments, finding my practicum site, and meeting up with some new friends for a picnic & parade. Of course, I got the obligatory first day suburn, despite the misty weather. The suburn wasn’t as bad as the 2007 Valparaiso one, which resulted in not being able to open my eyes for a couple days. I just have a slight red hue on mah face.

The parade consisted of a school or organization from each neighborhood marching, dancing, singing, or playing music in the parade. Some commented on politics, public transportation, or environmental issues.

After tinkering around with Flipshare & Youtube, I patched together some clips of the parade for y’all:

My favorite part of the video is the little kid next to me meowing at the cat costumes.


5 thoughts on “Bogota Parade: Desfile Metropolitano de Comparsas

  1. amazing costumes! keep the posts coming…

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