Wanna Be Starting Something

To prepare for a first post, I read a couple examples and searched for others’ first posts. Most were hidden, overwhelmed by new updates. In some ways, this is comforting. Of course I’ll be less articulate now than later. Experience has a way of smoothing out the edges, creating clarity.

So, this blog. I’ve been in public health school for a year now, and have been hungry for ways to explain what I’m learning to people beyond my classmates. It’s nice to be surrounded by fellow recycling-enforcing, seat belt-wearing, condom-enthusiasts but the Real World exists beyond these walls. I’m also departing for Bogotá, Colombia on Saturday, and email updates are a little last decade. (When did email become quaint?)

I hear the hardest part is pressing “publish” and um, just starting something.

So, without further ado:


2 thoughts on “Wanna Be Starting Something

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